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Cabernet Sauvignon
New York
Judean Hills
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Kedem Concord Grape Kosher  750ML       
KEDEM CONCORD GRAPE The winemakers at Kedem have ... more
Sku: 03259
Reg. $3.98
Kedem Concord Kosher Cream White  750ML       
Kedem Cream White Concord A sweet, smooth white ... more
Sku: 03271
Reg. $3.98
Farbrengen Light Red Concord  750ML       
FARBRENGEN CONCORD A delicious, natural low ... more
Sku: 00878
Reg. $4.99
Kesser Concord Grape Wine  750ML       
  Sku: 10860
Reg. $4.99
Kesser Seven Seventy 770  750ML       
Red, semi-sweet table wine. Made from 100% ... more
Sku: 10865
Reg. $4.99
Big Mouth New Yorker  750ML       
BIG MOUTH NEW YORKER A dark mysterious semi dry ... more
Sku: 14258
Reg. $6.99
Web Only Sale $5.00
Zachlawi Citrus Lime Mojito  750ML       
Zachlawi Mojito Vodka Kosher for Passover Ready ... more
Sku: 00965
Reg. $5.00
Web Only Sale $5.93
Kedem Matuk Kal  750ML       
KEDEM MATUK KAL Delicious, low alcohol, all ... more
Sku: 02693
Reg. $5.56
Kedem Chablis Red  750ML       
A semi-dry refreshing wine. Serve with fish and ... more
Sku: 00920
Reg. $5.59
Kesser 770  750ML       
KESSER 770 Semi-sweet, with a full flavored ... more
Sku: 00340
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Blackberry  750ML       
MANISCHEWITZ BLACKBERRY The sweet tasting ... more
Sku: 03612
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Cream Peach  750ML       
Cream Peach A sweet wine with a pleasant mouth ... more
Sku: 14175
Reg. $5.99
E & J Distillers Brandy V.S.  375ML       
  Sku: 12030
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Concord Grape Kosher For Passover  750ML         
MANISCHEWITZ CONCORD A sweet but balanced wine ... more
Sku: 21160
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Cream White Concord  750ML       
A sweet wine with a pleasant mouth feel and a ... more
Sku: 21180
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Cherry  750ML       
A full-bodied sweet but balanced wine. Aroma and ... more
Sku: 44370
Reg. $5.99
Manischewitz Cream Red Concord  750ML       
Cream Red Concord A sweet but balanced wine with ... more
Sku: 67740
Reg. $5.99
Terra Vega Sauvignon Blanc Bin No 955 2012  750ML       
Our Terra Vega Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of ... more
Sku: 29468
Reg. $7.99
Web Only Sale $6.35
Altoona Hills Cabernet/Merlot 2010  750ML       
Sku: 02939
Reg. $7.98
Web Only Sale $6.87
Farbrengen Light Red Concord  1.5L       
FARBRENGEN CONCORD A delicious, natural low ... more
Sku: 00881
Reg. $7.99
Web Only Sale $7.02
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