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Italian Wine

Italy's twenty wine regions correspond to the twenty administrative regions. Understanding of Italian wine becomes clearer with an understanding of the differences between each region; their cuisines reflect their indigenous wines, and vice-versa. The 73 DOCG wines are located in 15 different regions but most of them are concentrated in Piedmont, Veneto and Tuscany. Among these are appellations appreciated and sought after by wine lovers around the world.

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Verdi Peach Sparkletini  750ML       
Sparkletini is a delightfully sparkling Spumante ... more
Sku: 20197
Reg. $7.99
Web Only Sale $6.19
Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini  750ML       
Sparkletini is a delightfully sparkling Spumante ... more
Sku: 00622
Reg. $7.99
Web Only Sale $6.19
Verdi Spumante  750ML       
Verdi Spumante is a natural, sparkling beverage ... more
Sku: 00624
Reg. $7.99
Web Only Sale $6.19
Nando Fragolino  750ML       
This fantastic sparkling wine just screams out ... more
Sku: 00521
Reg. $11.29
Web Only Sale $8.59
Verdi Raspberry Sparkletini  1.5L       
Sparkletini is a delightfully sparkling Spumante ... more
Sku: 00621
Reg. $12.89
Web Only Sale $9.79
Stock Brandy 84 VSOP Riserva  750ML     
Stock 84 is known for its smooth and mellow ... more
Sku: 00786
Reg. $14.49
Web Only Sale $10.99
Averna Sambuca  750ML     
2 for $29.99 2 for $29.99 2 for $29.99 Sambuca is  more
Sku: 00365
Reg. $15.99
Web Only Sale $12.29
Averna Sambuca Agrumi  750ML     
Sambuca Averna stands out for its fragrance and ... more
Sku: 00779
Reg. $15.99
Web Only Sale $12.29
Christian Brothers Brandy VS  1L       
The Christian Brothers V S Brandy is distilled ... more
Sku: 11970
Reg. $16.19
Web Only Sale $12.39
Giori Amaretto Liqueur  750ML     
Amaretto is a nut-flavored liqueur that has a ... more
Sku: 14242
Reg. $19.29
Web Only Sale $14.69
Giori Sambuca Liqueur  750ML     
TASTING NOTES: - Color: Sambuca Giori, ... more
Sku: 14238
Reg. $20.89
Web Only Sale $15.89
Grangala  750ML     
GranGala is an Italian orange liqueur made from ... more
Sku: 12590
Reg. $22.29
Web Only Sale $16.99
Gozio Amaretto Liqueur 48@  750ML     
"Multilayered aromas of mildly bitter almond meat  more
Sku: 22777
Reg. $24.59
Web Only Sale $18.79
Opal Bianca Liquore Alla Sambuca  750ML     
Opal Bianca is a modern interpretation of ... more
Sku: 04537
Reg. $24.99
Web Only Sale $18.99
Sambuca di Trevi Liqueur  750ML     
For many years, people within and outside Italy ... more
Sku: 00227
Reg. $25.49
Web Only Sale $19.39
Aperol Aperitivo  750ML     
Aperol is an Italian bitter liqueur infused with ... more
Sku: 14091
Reg. $26.89
Web Only Sale $20.59
Opal Nera Liquore Alla Sambuca  750ML     
Blended Italian Green Anise, Star Anise from ... more
Sku: 04538
Reg. $27.39
Web Only Sale $20.89
Frangelico Liqueur  750ML     
Frangelico Liqueur is an irresistible Italian ... more
Sku: 00573
Reg. $27.99
Web Only Sale $21.29
Pallini Limoncello  750ML     
Pallini Limoncello is a class act from start to ... more
Sku: 04542
Reg. $29.19
Web Only Sale $22.29
Faretti Liqueur Biscotti Famosi  750ML      
These days biscotti come in many flavors but the ... more
Sku: 01105
Reg. $30.49
Web Only Sale $23.19
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