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Manuscript Pinot Noir Limited Edition 750ML 2013
Sku: 07810
Product Rating
Product Information
Country: United States
Region: California
Sub-Region: Central Coast
Grape Varietal: Pinot Noir
Type: Still wine
Reg. $19.29
Web Only Sale $14.19
Buy Manuscript Pinot Noir Limited Edition

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Wine maker notes
Manuscript Pinot Noir is a mesmerizing mix of strawberry, lychee, black cherry and pomegranatewith gentle, earthy layers of cedar, vanilla and creme fraiche. Focused tannins provide the structure and intrigue necessary for a truly satisfying finish.

Food pairing
In the 2004 film Sideways, Miles Raymond said this of Pinot Noir: “Only somebody who really takes the time to understand Pinots potential can then coax it into its fullest expression. Then, I mean, oh its flavors they’re just the most haunting and brilliant and thrilling and subtle and...ancient on the planet. Well, Pinots potential is palpableparticularly when paired with these scrumptious appetizersan eclectic Charcuterie Board, an exotic Moroccan Couscous, or a sumptuous Stuffed Mushroom. The subtlety and interplay of fruit, earthy notes and nuances of creme fraiche and vanilla infuse each sip with mystery and intrigue. Yet, red wines tend to go better with hard cheeses, such as blue as they can accommodate more tannins. An aged French goat cheese is another great pick. Also, try a sweet baguette instead of sour so that the flavor does not adversely affect the wine. Recipes made with ingredients like mushrooms and flavorful vegetables taste great with reds like Pinot Noir, which is light-bodied but full of savory depth.

The tale of Manuscript Cellars began many years ago, with a driving passionto create the most memorable and magical moments in our livesfilled with fine wines, great books, and remarkable friendsexperiences that nourish, entertain, and delight usthe moments that help us write our own stories. From the refreshing, fruit-foreword Chardonnays to the richly seductive Cabernets, the sweet reds to the dry whites, our unique library of wines provides the perfect pairings for any occasionwhether youre hosting a cozy dinner or A Movable Feast. Manuscript brings you the poetry of prime varietal vintages crafted in Californias preeminent vineyardsand also sourced across the globe in collaboration with the most acclaimed wineries. The resultdelicious wines of depth and character that consistently meet your Great Expectations. So, lets make a toast, open a book, and share a tableas we turn every glass into a gathering and every sip into celebration. We invite you to join us on the journeyto explore the world of wine, foodand the story in every bottle. Share the Manuscript experience. Cheers and Salut, my friend! Heres to your storyand the perfect Manuscript.

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