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Domaine J. Cecillon Cidre Nantosuelta 750ml
Sku: 1942420
Nantosuelta in Celtic means “Valley of the Sun and is a goddess of Celtic springs. Soils - ranitic soil and shallow loam. One of the orchards produces sweet and bittersweet apples, ly ...more
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Product Rating
Product Information
Country: France
Region: Loire
Type: Still wine
Reg. $22.59
Buy Domaine J. Cecillon Cidre Nantosuelta
Sweet cider - A rich amber color with fine bubbles,and a complex nose of white flowers. Harmonious palate displaying elegant aromas of candied fruit, vanilla, and caramel.

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Nantosuelta in Celtic means “Valley of the Sun and is a goddess of Celtic springs. Soils - ranitic soil and shallow loam. One of the orchards produces sweet and bittersweet apples, lying on a ridge with a soil which consists of a thin layer of humus and granite underneath. The other orchard is located at the foot of the hills in deeper soil with a medium grade, south-facing slope. Arboriculture - The orchards are denser and smaller with grassy strips bordered by oak trees, which promotes diversity. There are no added pesticides or insecticides in order to preserve the environment. We are committed to keeping in compliance with organic production. Cidrification - The apples are manually harvested from October to December. The fruits were stored in bags under shelter for better ripeness. The fermentation takes place in tanks, and is then blended with natural yeasts in oak barrels. The cider is bottled in late May, with natural bubble formation and no added sulfur (non-carbonated and non-pasteurized). Then a second fermentation occurs in the bottles. Wild yeasts are necessary to make the natural foam, it can make some turbidity.
Technical notes
Alcohol volume - 6 %

Food pairing
Pairs fantastically with foie gras, cheese, apple pie, and rich desserts. Cool before serving at 8C.

Domaine Johanna Cecillon covers 11 hectares in the municipalities of Sevignac and Tredias north of Brittany. Johannas grandparents produced and marketed cider at “La Grange aux Moines, where her father Joel PERRIN still continues the tradition. Louis is a descendant of a long line of winemakers in Ardeche, in the city of Tournon sur Rhone. Louis uncle, Jean-Louis GRIPPAT, acquired a great reputation in the industry. He produced wine in the respected appellations of Hermitage and Saint Joseph. In 1933, Leon GRIPPAT, the grandfather of Jean-Louis, obtained a wine press. After pressing Syrah, Roussanne, and Marsanne grapes for many years at the locale “The Sauva, the press was transported to Sevignac. Today, Nancy and Julien CECILLON, carries the winemaking torch in the beautiful hills of the Ardeche. For both Johanna and Louis, specialized training and passion were required to implement the project. The experience of both gave them confidence in the wild bet to restore and regain the heritage of La Villime and Tredias. Together, therefore, they created Domaine Johanna Cecillon. The couple works together to maintain the orchards, manually harvesting apples and developing cider in respect for the land. The work of the Earth, ancestral traditions, respect for their lineages, and will power give them courage to extract these wonderful Costarmoricains ciders.

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